Day 141 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 264 – Tuesday 30th May 

Two breaks found and fixed in boundary stonewall by foot patrol crew and still small numbers of Pokot small stock accessing the farm mainly at night. Small groups of armed men seen in the area around and on Kifuku without livestock  in the last few days.

I visited our member of staff in hospital in Nanyuki, and hopefully he will be home soon – he is doing well and is generally upbeat and must be getting better as he said he was now tired of the smell of dawa / disinfectant and said although the food is good it is different to that at home ! His foot is now in plaster and with a window to enable the wound to be cleaned and later they will go in and reattach ligaments etc. Shockingly there are now 5 people in the hospital with bullet injuries from the ongoing insecurity.

Another discovery by our security teams out on patrol was a lion cub that had been killed and the back end removed and claws removed ….evidence of a fire lit nearby….yet another crazy side to the ongoing chaos.

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