Laikipia Nature Conservancy – 31st May am

Pokot shot and injured 2 of our KPR rangers yesterday – they have attacked Police, KDF and us every day since Friday. 

Fresh rumours of a gang of 10 that has been dispatched from Kaptuya side to kill any of our family members.

3 thoughts on “Laikipia Nature Conservancy – 31st May am

  1. I hate to appear naive, but this is insane. Where are the police, or whom ever is in charge of enforcing civilized laws? What’s going on? I read there is an election coming up and politicians are looking the other way to gain votes, but do these raiders vote? Who would support this murderous lot? It’s a shame that political leaders don’t make the effort to see how educated land owners and farmers are happy to share their knowledge and methods to promote all of the good things that come with planning. It appears they would rather support hooligans and now murderers just for votes and because of skin color. Maddening from afar and I’m sorry your hard work and good intentions are being trampled upon. Thoughts from Los Angeles.


  2. Agree with Los Angeles. Feel so much for you all. You’re all so brave and it’s just awful how little help you are getting from some areas. It must be so hard living with all you are having to deal with.


  3. This is becoming an extremely dangerous situation for you and your family, your staff, your neighbors and Kenya in general. I wonder if we in the Kenyan diaspora could jointly send a petition to the Kenya government to take action…? would it make the slightest difference? Would outside pressure make them realize the severity of the situation? What about a massive international petition on Avaaz? If you’re not familiar with that amazing organization, check out They have some 40 million members worldwide and really do know how to exert pressure on governments with great success.

    Just a thought.


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