Day 142 / 143 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 265 / 266 – Wednesday 31st May, Thursday 1st June

Wednesday – 

Four breaks in boundary stone wall found and fixed by Foot Patrol crew…no livestock seen inside but tracks seen of small stock accessing at night on the Karuwao /Lorien boundary.

Vehicle patrol was shot at about 7.20 pm on Lorien / Nyumba nyeupe section – just 2 shots -no injuries. This is believed to be the group of armed thugs who have been stealing from small holders and hiding the livestock inside Kifuku.

Thursday – 

1 break in boundary stonewall found and fixed by Foot Patrol crew on Pesi /Matigari section and Samburu small stock accessing at night.

An ever increasing buildup of Samburu small stock and some small mobs of cattle on Lombara and GG

Attended the Madaraka celebration in Rumuruti with the DCC as Guest of honour, every speaker reiterated the need for peace and security and the DCC assured everybody that this is also the government’s intention. 

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