Sosian Ranch -2nd June

Just received from Sosian – 
Sorry we have been quiet of late but here is the news from Sosian. Below is a newsflash from our Marketing and sister company Offbeat Safaris about what we are doing at Sosian which sums it up perfectly.

 As you are well aware, parts of West Laikipia have been unsettled since the beginning of the year and Sosian re-located all their bookings during this time to err on the side of caution.

 Today, the seven owners/shareholders of Sosian have taken the decision to down scale the lodge to their private house until such a time that they are confident that our guests will the receive the top class safari experience that Sosian has become so well known for.

 Whilst we shall miss our guests hugely over this time, we will also be able to focus 100% on re-habilitating the land and working with the government to path a positive long-term future.

 Sadly this means the redundancy of most of the lodge staff and less income for the Kenyan government which is exactly what the invader leaders (very hard to describe them so generously) want. . However this allows us to focus more on the security and rebuilding of Sosian and we are not going anywhere.

 Illegal cattle continue to graze us during the day entering from porous boundaries in their thousands and we do our best to contain the waves but it is very hard with limited numbers. 

We have had very poor rainfall and even in a normal year would be worried about the state of the grass but this year will be even tougher. However like always we will end up feeding our own cattle while their cattle will die once again and I really could not care less . Only once the Leaders and Elders (read a bunch of old men sitting under a tree desperately clinging to any dignity and control they think they have of a frustrated, uncontrollable youth) have lost all of their stock will they really realise what they have done. What sort of father uses his 8 year old child to steal what is not his and knows he will not be arrested because those with the morals and dignity do not arrest minors?

  A few pics below.

This photos was taken on the boundary on one of the few uninvaded ranches left in Laikipia and I dont think i need to point out which is the ranch and which is the community land. Isnt it alwasy unfair how the commercial ranches get all the rain and it stops right on the boundary?!





















Copy of SosianLogoDecal1small

Sean Outram

General Manager

Samburumburu Ltd

Sosian Rancha



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