Day 144 / 145 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 267 / 268 – Friday 2nd,Saturday 3rd June


No breaks in boundary stonewall although a small gate on Karuwao section vandalised and a small herd of cattle came in at night. Still pressure of stock increasing on Lombara and GG and some small mobs of cattle seen moving towards Matigari from Rumuruti side. A lot of gunfire heard between us and Rumuruti forest but no solid explanation as yet.

Stonewall work in Morogo valley ongoing and nearly complete now, some road works ongoing too. Cattle now enjoying the barley grass and the quality improving as we tweak – hopefully will get close to the ratio of 1kg seed to 7 to 8 kgs grass in the coming days.

While on internal patrols the team came across the carcass of a calf whose insides were blocked by plastic, this has been noticed and documented across Laikipia in recent months. Sad.

4 breaks in boundary stonewall including one on the Pesi / Matigari section used by a small mob of cattle and some small stock – a few options just plain illegal grazing at night, neighbours moving cattle at night illegally across the farm rather than getting a movement permit from the Veterinary Dept in Rumuruti or the movement of stolen stock.

Very good news for the member of our security team who was shot in an ambush a couple of weeks ago – today he left hospital and is back home with his leg in plaster for the next few weeks and we hope eventually back at work. Still 3 guys with bullet wounds in the hospital from this craziness – one of them also released in the last few days and the two left in same ward as our member of staff doing well and in good spirits.

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