Day 151 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 274 – Friday 9th June

Hard to understand where the time has gone, it’s now over 9 months since this chaos started off with increasing illegal grazing, increasing stock theft which escalated 150 days or 5 months ago into total utter chaos and the systematic destruction of 4 generations of hard work…….staff shot and injured, staff beaten, houses burnt, farm machinery stolen, boreholes and generators damaged, kilometres and kilometres of fencing stolen,stonewall broken and broken again, pedigree stud cattle shot dead and many others stolen and some now dying from the effects of drought..and us shot at in our compound every day for over 3 weeks !!  
Nine months ago it was green, the dreadful drought that has occurred since has been a convinient excuse of what has happened across cattle ranches and conservancy’s in Laikipia West.
BUT we’re still here, with our amazing staff who have hung in here with us and continue to help us rebuild a bit more every day. We have had and continue to have good support and back up from the Police and AP’s who have helped us get this far. Three officers have been injured through exchanges of fire with the armed thugs or bandits including the OCPD who was shot in the chest and without first aid administered here may not have survived.

It has not been an easy time and still isn’t as we continue to deal with wall breakages and illegal grazing every day… of our patrol team was shot and injured but after two weeks in hospital is now home with his leg in plaster and hopefully soon be fully recovered. 

Very slowly as the drought worsens and with intensive security patrols and community information we make small steps forward – today only 1 break in the boundary stonewall. 

Positive stuff still does happen- wall building continues, fence repairs continue, we grow hydroponic barley, new calves are born. 
We can’t thank our friends and neighbours enough, most of our cattle are still off the farm as we have not had any meaningful rain and have pretty much no grass, and we are so grateful for the generosity from the community who continue to host our cattle. We have managed to visit some of them in the last few weeks which was a treat.

Truck loads of hay and cattle feed arrive at vast expense – it’s the very first time in the history of the Aggett family in Laikipia buying in fodder and feed, we’ve got through serious droughts before by managing our grazing and selling off stock. 
And we would have got through this drought too ….but this hasn’t been about ‘Kiangazi na Nyasi’

3 thoughts on “Day 151 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 274 – Friday 9th June

  1. Well done to you all. Hugely admire you all as sometimes it’s difficult to keep going in such adversity. As you say, keep on thinking positive and grateful for all the good people around you. You will get there.


  2. Amazing that you put up with this day after day, month after month. It’s obvious that this is dragging on because of a lack of any real commitment from the government to evict and disarm these militants.
    I hope for your sakes that it changes after the elections and the problems are tackled in the short term to restore order and in the longer term to ensure this doesnt keep on happening every few years.
    With the poulation of Kenya expanding as it is the age old ways of life of the pastoralists will have to change and adapt in order to avoid a humantarian and wildlife disaster.


  3. Just joined your forum after reading Kuki’s book that painted the grand landscape, animals and people in your area. What sadness to learn of your more recent experiences. Maybe you aren’t aware of it, but the courage and determination all of you living through this current-day awfulness displayed in this post are not only a testimony to some Greatness within each of you who stand for what you do; it also gives the greater world at large a signal that courage and determination to do the good thing – for Nature, animals and peoples does indeed exist! The spirit of your amazing works does indeed make a difference in what oft seems a darkening world. Thanks for being a big spark of light, giving encouragement – and hope. Offering prayers and sending energies of appreciation your way!


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