5 thoughts on “Article from the Times -12th June 

  1. And what will Mr Odinga do with the Black owned ranches?. He makes racial threats. The Constitution is supposed to protect all citizens of what ever colour , race or religion. Why does Odinga support criminal activity in Laikipia ? Cheap politics bordering on criminal hate tactics. He must be tamed for the sake of the economy and peace in our land.


  2. Shows how little Raila knows about his country! Thousands of jobs and people depend on these well managed and hard working ranches. Odinga sees no maize so reckons they are abandoned!!
    Rather a frightening thought that he could yet be President! Ignorant of his country and plainly a racist too. Just like Trump I tremble to say…


  3. Maria!I have been following your blog for weeks, and my heart goes out to you in your tribulations. I pray that things will calm down, and common sense will prevail.I would love to share some of the articles (like this one) on FB, but being technologically challenged I am not sure how to do it. I did cut and paste one article a couple of days ago, but it doesn’t really have the same impact. If you have a minute maybe you could explain what I need to do.My prayers are with you and all in Laikipia.We will be in Nanyuki in 2 weeks’ time for 2nd Council, but I don’t suppose we will see you there. You have enough on your plate.Be safe, and God be with you.Clare Clare Jethwa P.O.Box 40506-00100 Nairobi GPO Kenya Mobile: +254-735-725739


    • Dear Clare, thanks so much for keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers and for your message – and really good to hear from you…..I too am technologically challenged !! On a computer or iPad….If you are on the site and if you scroll down to the bottom of the post there are several boxes for different things…..email, Twitter , wordpress,Google, and Facebook….by pressing the Facebook one you should get prompts that then share it onto your Facebook page.
      On a phone I think it’s slightly different in that there are 3 bars under one another on the right hand side top corner, pressing this then gives options to share. Hope this helps. Mingi love Maria


  4. First of all, those are the words from The Times, not Raila. He talked about rationalisation and the Times heard “dismantling”. But it’s the Times: it’s their duty to protect white interests.
    But Raila should have said it, and allow to be quoted. White ranchers are rapists of our resources. I could never get a Visa to just set foot in UK yet their citizens own swathes of land that they got through murder and plunder. If it’s not Raila (chances of him winning in Aug are extremely slim) it’s someone else but this historical injustice has to be resolved and Kenyans get back their land.
    Some ignorant fool will talk about job losses. What jobs? The 5 managers? Or the hundreds of underpaid workers that live from hand to mouth like squatters in their own motherland?
    Maasais historically used to graze from as far as Baringo to Meru with no conflicts with wildlife. Nowadays almost the entire Laikipia area is out of bounds thanks to the land grabbers calling themselves the conservationists.
    Here’s an idea for you guys:
    England loses 25 wildlife species a year. Go conserve those.


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