Post by Mohammed Hersi, CEO Heritage Hotels – copied from Facebook – 3 

Land is a very emotive matters in Kenya. 
Without emotions it is good to take time and go through some facts matters Laikipia.

With my pastrolism genes I must admit that we are not the best in utilization of land. Land is the only factor of production that is in limited supply then add global warming and the ruthless droughts. In the past 70’s & 80’s drought will take a 5 year cycle but these days it is reduced to every other year while we choose to keep more livestock..
Between Lewa Downs in Isiolo and Moyale then further into Samburu & Baringo all that area can be classified as rangeland . The laikipia ranchers are doing well not because the land is any better but because of good management of the rangeland. Laikipia is very tiny compared to the entire Kenya’s rangeland.
Left to our traditional grazing ways , the Laikipia ranches will not last beyond 3 months and that is the truth. Just next door in Tsavo look at what herders have done to Tsavo East & Tsavo West having cleared Kajiado and Kitui Garissa pasture areas. The fight in Kitui are triggered by herders who have laid North Eastern bare ( 1/3 of Kenya land mass ) . 
Even small scale farming look at former ADC ranches, what a failure
I know that I will upset my folks and others but sometimes it is good to say the truth. I hope reason prevails and I am also happy NASA has since refuted the statement as reported by the The Times.
As always I choose to remain an optimist

One thought on “Post by Mohammed Hersi, CEO Heritage Hotels – copied from Facebook – 3 

  1. Congratulations Mr Hersi for saying it like it is. I pray that the pastoralists listen to you and change their ways? The alternative does not bear thinking about.


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