Day 169 / 170 /171 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 292 / 293 / 294  -Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th June

Three days with only one small break on Kieni boundary and the culprit caught stealing charcoal, so was arrested and taken in to Rumuruti Police station.

Sadly one of the cows that was struggling didn’t make it and the other still struggling and has to be helped up every morning and evening so outlook sadly not very positive.

Another 15 ton load of ranch cubes delivered today which will help keep our cows alive for about two months together with hay and the hydroponic barley.

We have broken our record on barley production slowly been creeping over the 200 kg mark for every 45 kg of seed but now reached 235 kg of barley grass…a return of 5.2 kg of barley grass to every kg of seed.

We had some entertainment when our small flock of sheep decided to explore the house – thanks to good friends who were staying for herding them out before they got too comfortable !!

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