Day 172 / 173 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 295 / 296 – Friday 30th June, Satuday 1st July

Thankfully another two days with zero breaks in the boundary stonewall but security patrols still continuing each and every day. There are still some incidences of opportunistic theft of firewood and wire . Yesterday the patrol teams found wire collected and hidden ready for removal. 

New stonewall being planned and rock gathered, new roads being cleared, bush clearing and farm routine of spraying cattle and sheep against ticks and flies on going.

Barley grass looking good and consistently over 200kg grass for each 45kg of seed now, just need to get it consistently a bit higher and would be amazing to reach a daily output of 225 – 240 kgs. The second shade house is coming on and contouring of the floor is happening which will ensure good drainage.

The weaker cows still hanging in…..maybe a bit stronger but almost always a sad ending once you start helping them up a few times every day.

And so life goes on ! 

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