Mugie Ranch – 3rd July

Just received from Mugie-

Mugie Ranch 03/07/21017

After arresting 3 herds last night and charging them the Mugie Conservancy grazing fee which was paid in full by 3pm today and the last herds were taken out of the holding pens, with agreement that Mugie will continue to hold the agreement on the community cattle fattening grazing plan, with meeting to be held tomorrow 04/07/2017 on who the next 1000 head of cows will come from and who’s. Mugie community cattle fattening plan still ongoing. 

Athena the Orphanaged Cheeter was taken to Ol Jogi to her new home and we wish her well. 

Expecting more illegal night grazing tonight, but by fewer herds. 

Numbers have reduced to a few big herds, owners of the big herds we are still uncertain.  

8 to 15 mm of rain has fallen on the conservancy as of 19.00 hours. 

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