Mugie Ranch – 4th July

Just received from Mugie-


Four cattle herds arrested today, two Samburu illegal herdsman arrested this evening who have been caught three times by our security team, paid the Mugie Conservancy grazing fee but this time they have been taken to Ol Moran Police Post.

Info has it that 7 herds arrived from Ol Maisor today, 2 herds from Sosian, the herds are keeping to night grazing stealing, and going from Ranch to Ranch, engagement will be made with them by us and the community grazing committee members for further understanding of the Mugie community grazing plan, and maybe convince the grazing committee and elders to up the Mugie illegal Grazing fee for their  best interests, for preserving the grass for the benefit of their livestock fattening plan, the idea 200 fat cows are better than 400 thin cows… 

By day cattle holding up on our boundary, by night coming in, the big meetings we had earlier in the weekend the herds have headed towards Karissa Hills, but new ones have arrived. 

Community meeting over Mugie Community Livestock fattening plan has been postponed till tomorrow since the chiefs and representatives were unavailable. 

Rain has fallen across the conservancy but in a variable amount from 5mm to 15mm Posta receiving an inch or so. 

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