Ol Maisor Ranch -4th July 

Just received from Ol Maisor –

Ol Maisor farm top up
All is roughly the same. 

More fence damage at Maili Kumi going north. A fair few cattle have moved out to go and harass another farm somewhere, I think LNC and Mugie. 

There is no grass here any more for us to be worth harassing obviously. Years of careful management gone with the top layer of mulch accumulated over years of bunched grazing observing strict recovery periods during the wet has been eaten by hordes of invading cattle.

Still a few diehards grazing in the day where they can get away with it and more timid individuals grazing during the night and cutting the fence line for extra sport.

Photos of kids sent to herd that maybe should be at school, and unnecessary fence damage by so called pastoralists.

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