Mugie Ranch -6th July

Just received from Mugie – 

Mugie conservancy update for 05/07/2017 and 06/07/2017 

 Night 05/07/2017

 143 head arrested for illegal grazing 
Two culprits sent to Ol Moran Police Post  for attempted violence and beating a security staff member – OB no. 4/5/7/2017

Mukambi Lesootia ID – 28779095 from Suguta Marmar

 Lenjodor ID – 27888163 from Posta.
06/07/2017 Day Time  

140 head arrested illegal grazing
40 head arrested illegal grazing

23 head arrested illegal grazing

No national security teams present due to no serious information, herds illegally still night grazing and by day illegally grazing out of sight in thick bush, with sweeping away the cattle tracks coming in through the fence lines and crossing roads by the herders.
Meeting with elders and grazing committee went well, Mugie conservancy still plans to bring in another 1000 head for community fattening grazing plan. 
Community meeting on Sunday morning will be held with the remaining illegal herds,Chaired by our local Chiefs with grazing committee members, potential fattening grazing members,KWS, possibly KDF members, and the Mugie Cattle management sector. 

The meeting is open to any decisions with the Mugie Conservancy boundary Community Cattle member been give a opportunity to be part of the fattening program, with a given amount of head of young bulls. 

Contract agreements to be signed on Monday if the agreement of cattle from far away community’s stop Illegally grazing or pay the Mugie Grazing fee, that will be hopefully increased by the Mugie community members on the Sunday meeting. 

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