Day 180 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 303 – Saturday 8th July

Over 10 months of this craziness now !!!

Our crazy  life continues, 4 breaks in the boundary stonewall- again all from elephants moving  in and out. 

A zebra carcass with tracks of 3 lion found by the patrol teams near the crop land which we have decided against cultivating until some normality returns. 

The patrol teams have also come across and collected a number of wire snares – hoping and praying none of our cattle get caught.

Cattle and sheep all sprayed again, lots of ticks around and huge risk of a tick borne disease after the little patch of rain.

Contouring of the second barley producing shed on going and cattle still reliant on the extra  feeding.

Road repairs, stonewall building, bush clearing all happening ….just keep on keeping on.

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