Suyian Ranch – 13th July

Just received from Suyian –


No livestock seen today on Suyian.We suspect illegal grazing continues at night from Kamogi/Pinguone area.

Managed to get to Suyian Soul with ASTU team to assess the damage from Tuesday’s incident. Burnt staff mess and small building. Looting – Stole 10 mattresses and blankets,sufuria,weighing scales,all staff rations, Wire cutters and pliers.  A lot was left behind, very lucky that all the carpentry tools,Honda generator were still in the store. I think KDF interrupted them

No sign of any people or livestock anywhere near the camp area.

Rounds recovered from contact -One on the right standard KOFC ammo and one on the right manufactured in Yugoslavia!

Two bullet  holes visible in Sosian vehicle that came to assist at incidence, a third bullet smashed the drivers window.  Two Suyian vehicles at scene also hit on wheel rims.


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