Day 186 / 187 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 309 / 310 – Friday 14th, Saturday 15th July

Patrols internally and along the boundary continuing each day by the Foot Patrol crew and also by vehicle and NPR’s. 

No breaks in boundary stonewall but a couple of flocks of goats accessing by climbing over the wall – one herd has been impounded and fined.

A lone man was found inside the farm and arrested and taken to Rumuruti Police Station.

Two lionesses have been seen again while patrolling and hopefully will continue having zebra on their menu and not cattle.

A sad result of all the damage especially the electric fence that ran with the boundary stonewall is that opportunistic neighbours are able to access the farm and laying snares, this snare most likely intended for catching hares caught this Genet cat. The patrol teams have also found and recovered bigger snares intended for larger game such as zebra – we hope none of our cattle get caught.

The dairy cows having destroyed the crop in the original barley house have now damaged the second house that was almost complete……..the shadenet  has been ripped and all the contouring work inside churned up !! 

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