Mugie Ranch – 15th July 

Just received from Mugie – 

Over the past week Mugie has seen a large increase of Samburu cattle on both north and south boundaries, they gather the herds into groups of several thousand and move in as a unit, if approached they get all aggressive and very defensive, over powering our security teams, KWS and ASTU. 

We had our 5th meeting within the last 3 weeks with the Samburu yesterday, mainly moran’s to try control the situation, this seemed to have had an effect cutting down the numbers to a few hundred. 

Today we saw a large increase of Pokot cattle coming in, it turned out to be an eventful day when the patrol teams bringing in the cattle were shot at several times on different occasions with the same herd of cattle. 

What appears to have happened was one of the men on the patrol group called in the gun, we ended up getting the phone number of the cattle owner matching it with our patrol guys calls through out the three hour period indicating they were communicating through out the whole process.

Our guy has been taken to Ol Moran police post for further questioning while the elders and chief follow up on the owner of the cattle and the where about of the gun. A reliable source has confirmed the cattle owner has a gun although the elders and wazee said that family do not own a weapon.

What has also come up is that because the Samburu have been getting away with their mass grouping tack-tic and not paying fines certain members in our team have rallied up the Pokot by saying the Samburu are not paying fines and therefore the Pokot must also fight to get their cattle off our patrol teams when caught illegally grazing.  

Fortunately the day ended well with no one being hurt and one man arrested with a lot of question to answer!

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