Mugie Ranch – 19th July 

Just received from Mugie –

We seem to be getting swamped over here, thousands of cows now all around on our north/east and southern boundary, they start coming through from around 4 to 5 pm and graze through the night. It looks like a Christmas tree with flashing lights every where!

Not long after Raila and Lemprukel had the meeting at Mowarak today a fancy looking car came down the boundary, met with a thousand odd head of cattle which then came through the fence. Obviously as soon as our vehicle got there the car took off and the cattle started to get pushed out again. The people are very hostile and hard to speak to like they have been instructed not to talk to any one.

I hear a huge amount of the cattle that were on Loisaba are now here or on the way here!

One thought on “Mugie Ranch – 19th July 

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