Day 193 / 194 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 316 / 317 – Friday 21st Saturday 22nd July

Routine farm jobs all ongoing – wall rebuilding, bush clearing, barley growing, cattle spraying ..and patrolling both along the boundary and internally.
Our security patrol teams together with NPR’s assisted with the recovery of sheep belonging to Ngorare Ranch. 

The sheep were stolen by 6 armed men at about 10 pm last night with some gunfire,…..the Police, AP’s, local Chief and Community NPR’s and community members all joined the trail early morning, by 7 am the team found that the tracks had crossed the Pesi River and were heading our way through Lombara. About 9am our security teams who had been on routine patrols joined up with the team on the tracks, initial thought was that the tracks would lead onto Kifuku, but they were found on our boundary with Lombara and hadn’t actually crossed into Kifuku. The armed rustlers opened fire on the security teams and abandoned the sheep. Two of the rustlers crossed into Kifuku and were followed up and flushed out and disappeared into the Euclea on the Morogo valley on the way to Rumuruti. Of the 74 sheep stolen, 61 were recovered there and headed home. One other had been freshly killed just as the security caught up with the rustlers and abandoned. 

Thanks to all teams involved for the quick response and positive outcome. 

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