2 thoughts on “It’s not drought that is causing the violence in Laikipia – Emma Redfern / Remember the goat – March 3rd

  1. So why don’t herders sell their stock in times of drought and convert them to cash? Then they can buy more stock when times are better, and have wealth in the form of cash, and do less environmental damage by not over grazing.


  2. Quite right. Emma is I think right in the thick of it all, but is attached to one of the locals I think.

    The issue of land was a subject on the TV presidential debate last night. Uluru failed to turn up, so Raila was allocated a full hour to answer all questions. He struggled as expected, but came through pretty unscathed. Social media went into overdrive as you can imagine and still is re the absence of the Pres. Lots of folk saying “ if you cannot give us 60 minutes, why should we give you another 5 years”. I reckon he will pay heavily for his absence. Clearly he did not want to face awkward questions, and many will make him pay for it in two weeks time.




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