Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 26th July am -update 14

Just received from Kerry Outram – 

Morning All,

Another quiet peaceful night from all the elephant groups. No reports of conflict or loss of crops last night.

It was a very cold wet night in the entire area so fingers crossed the herds were all hunkered down peacefully.

Waiting on reports from the various rangers out with the animals on exact locations and numbers and will then update.

Something of interest to note here, there has been very little crop raiding done by these elephants on the move, they seem to be going straight through cultivated fields and then stopping and feeding in patches of bush and forest as they find them.
Assuming the large herd of 70 plus have managed to get past the village blocking their way up the hill the pressure will be off us for a while and our immediate attention can be turned to trying to help the Sinande Valley community make their future more sustainable for themselves and the wildlife.

One thought on “Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 26th July am -update 14

  1. Jambo sana Neddy Trevor. Habari Yako? I lived in Shanzu, Mombasa as a toto, on coast , looking out to the reef & beautiful blue ocean! Maradadi kabisa😀🌈So delighted you too are fighting for conservation of all Wildlife! Mzuri sana🦋


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