Day 197 / 198 / 199 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 320 / 321 / 322 – Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th July

Another 3 days with no breaks by illegal grazers and only a couple of breaks by elephant who have decided it’s safer to hang out inside the farm and have helped the stonewall rebuild crew by not venturing out. 

Lombara is once more inundated with small stock and cattle, now more cattle than small stock and probably about 2000 head seen in the section of Lombara between us and Karuwao. On the main section of Lombara the number is probably much higher. 

Patrols are continually happening and vulnerable areas constantly monitored. One of the Patrol teams mentioned seeing a zebra that they recognized as different – they said it was bigger, looked more like a horse and had big ears like plates, today we managed to confirm this sighting of a Grevy zebra on Kifuku….a new record for us. Just the one running with the Common or Burchell’s zebra. Would be so interesting to know where she came from ?!

With the rain around and a huge storm on Tuesday night we decided it was time to try patch up the tear in the mabati roof from a bullet in January. The dripping was no longer a drip but a small stream through the hole we made in the ceiling ! A very ‘jua kali’ repair job done by twisting plastic bags and stuffing then in the tears and then covering with duct tape. Not likely to last forever and probably not 100% sorted but a definite improvement.

The other bullet hole through the glass in our bedroom can wait or maybe left as a reminder of these crazy times ! 

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