Day 200 / 201 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 323 / 324 -Friday 28th, Saturday 29th July

Another two days with no breaks in boundary stonewall but still a large build up of livestock, mostly cattle on Lombara and reports of more cattle heading back towards Rumuruti from Mweiga / Naromoru. Hopefully they will continue north……..Patrols on going constantly as well as routine farm maintenance jobs and checking up on the recent major stonewalling in the valley which has held up well with all the runoff with the recent rain and trapped a huge amount of debris .

Friday was taken up with meetings in Nanyuki and then at the Cottage Hospital where John Meja had the plaster removed from his foot. He is one of our Patrol crew and was shot in an ambush on our boundary with Lombara. Luckily his ankle joint wasn’t affected and the wounds have healed and bones fused and now slowly rebuild strength as he slowly gets used to not being in plaster and start weight bearing.  Thankfully the outlook is good and we look forward to him being back at work in a month or so. 

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