Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 31st July am -update 17

Just received from Kerry Outram –

The weekend saw little change in the elephants positions. On Sunday a small group from the large herd in Sinende crossed the river and began working their way along the bottom of the escarpment. In the process they came across a large banana plantation and ate that. The owner will be compensated but was very understanding.

Today the rest of the big herd have crossed the Waseges river and have gone up over the escarpment. They have found a way to avoid the village which has been harassing them. We can only hope that they will manage to avoid the armed gangs roving Laikipia.

11 are  still roaming around Sinende village, the community still willing to let them be.

 The Leakey’s group still staying put in the farm.

Hats off to the extraordinary rangers both KWS and community who have helped keep tabs on these animals and ensure the communities know where they are. Happy Rangers Day

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