Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 27th July am -update 15

Just received from Kerry Outram –

Another wet rainy night here, waiting on updates from the community and farmers on the elephants but the phones were quiet all night so hoping no news is good news!

There has been talk from KWS of darting and collaring the elephants to make tracking then easier but in the confined spaces they are in it is a huge risk. We have managed to keep them calm and unharmed for the last 3 weeks and a panicked run after a dart is fired will most likely send them straight into human conflict. It is very difficult to look at laying scent trails and creating pathways without a bigger picture in mind.

Farmers and communities have been very willing to drop fences and open gateways to enable these animals to move through.

 There are 2 big questions where to? can the Mau support large herds of elephants? Is Londiani big enough? Are either of these secure?

The second bigger one yet is how many? If we manage to create a passage does word go out to those still in Laikipia who will then follow? I don’t know the official numbers but imagine it is well over 1500 elephants. I am not sure a migration of this number is sustainable through the populated areas.

Laikipia needs to be resolved, the wanton killing of wildlife going unchecked needs to be stopped fast. It has been ignored for over 10 months now.

We are also looking for help in getting the communities in Sinande, Bogoria, Baringo, Tugen Hills and Kerio, all of whom have decided they need to change their approach to the land if they are to have a sustainable future for themselves and the wildlife.

If we can create more friendly corridors across the rift valley maybe the wildlife will have room to move peacefully when they need to.

In the meantime these communities are proving each day that there is enough room for giants, if we are willing to share it.

Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 26th July am -update 14

Just received from Kerry Outram – 

Morning All,

Another quiet peaceful night from all the elephant groups. No reports of conflict or loss of crops last night.

It was a very cold wet night in the entire area so fingers crossed the herds were all hunkered down peacefully.

Waiting on reports from the various rangers out with the animals on exact locations and numbers and will then update.

Something of interest to note here, there has been very little crop raiding done by these elephants on the move, they seem to be going straight through cultivated fields and then stopping and feeding in patches of bush and forest as they find them.
Assuming the large herd of 70 plus have managed to get past the village blocking their way up the hill the pressure will be off us for a while and our immediate attention can be turned to trying to help the Sinande Valley community make their future more sustainable for themselves and the wildlife.

Elephants from Laikipia are now in Nakuru County – 25th July pm- update 13

Just received from Kerry Outram –

Update today, the large herd of 70 have gone back up the escarpment again. Reports come in now that a village at the top are waiting for them and chasing them back down again which is why they keep returning. This is being investigated now.

Of the 46 that came down the valley 6 are still in the Leakeys farm at Barina, 10 or 12 are in the Menengai  crater another 12 are in the swamps and the rest are north of lake Solai.

Still very calm. 

2pics – the single elephant is one of those in the Leakey farm, the marching line are those at Menengai 

ThisIsLaikipia -13

Welcome to #ThisIsLaikipia. Watch this space for truthful and relevant information about Laikipia.This page on Facebook and Instagram puts out accurate stories of what happens in Laikipia, before the Land invasion – the people, the livestock, the crops
I have added photos of the pages in here for those of you not on Facebook so that you too can be part of ThisIsLaikipia

Day 195 / 196 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 318 / 319 – Sunday 23rd, Monday 24th July

Routine farm jobs all happening except for wall building as after the little bit of rain too easy for muddy rocks to slip and chances of fingers caught in the middle pretty high. Weaned some calves who are causing some noise at night and a few of them are good escape artists during the day and climb stonewalls ! Cattle still being supplemented with barley grass and ranch cubes.

Livestock still building up around us, Samburu cattle moving north from Rumuruti forest, Tugen cattle moving west from Ngobit and more Samburu cattle and small stock every day on Lombara as well as across the river near Matigari. One small herd of cattle night grazing from across the river but hopefully will realise not a habit to get used to.

Only breakages in boundary stonewall from elephant – probably over 100 now in at least two herds on the farm.

Patrol work ongoing both internally and along the boundary despite threats of violence from people outside – these have been taken seriously and a statement recorded with Police in Rumuruti

An interesting find by the Patrol team was a nest of a ‘Dikkop’ or Spotted Thick-knee, eggs are very similar to Plover eggs in colour and patterning but bigger. Birds were startled by Patrol crews who then spotted the eggs.