Day 221 / 222 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 344 / 345 – Friday 18th, Saturday 19th August 

Patrols by day, by night, by foot, by vehicle all happening constantly…both Friday and Saturday morning revealed a small herd of cattle crossing the Pesi River and grazing very close to the river but not for long. Illegal cattle seem to be moving away to the north.

New section of stonewall ongoing….rock still being dropped off and soon will be enough to build which will be much quicker ….

More cattle came home….so good to have them home ! All through the sprayrace today….lots of ticks around with all the wildlife here and a few cases of E.C.F including one of the stud Bulls who yesterday evening really didn’t look like he would make it and we thought about putting him out of his misery..BUT was an amazing surprise to find him not just alive this morning but up on his feet and starting to eat again…Phew ! 

The lone Grevy zebra mare has been spotted again….just when we thought she had moved on….now with a brand new foal…will try get photos ! 

Mugie Ranch – 19th August

Just received from Mugie –
Since yesterday we have seen a massive increase of Samburu cattle on our boundary with P&D and NYS. They are all cattle from north eastern Samburu.

A large number of these cattle are trying to graze at night, we have three teams out through the night trying to keep them at bay, copied is the morning fence line report, out of all the cattle coming through 85% of these are Samburu. We managed to catch 100 head at 4am this morning, the owners have been arrested and taken to Ol Moran police station.

We have had several reports of 17 armed Samburu coming into Mugie this evening in two different groups, two shots just gone off, I would imagine the Samburu running into elephant on there way to raid the Pokot!

Reports also coming in of Pokot raiding the Turkana at Ol Moran this evening.

The general chat is Mugie is the place to be!

Security Morning Report- 19.08.2017

Letikon line- post no 461, 442, 386 and no 330 all lifted by 🐘 and broke two post.

Kitienya​ line-post no 53 , 64, 96, 224, 264 Cows in and out.

Naibor line- post no 73 cows in and out.

Kitienya – Lowakipi- Post from post no 28 to post no 216 Herds of cattle in and out.

Hilton line-post no 543 lifted by elephant.

Cutty – Lonyek- Post no 88, 108, 186 strainer 5 & 8 cows in and out. Post no​ 283 lion in. 

Cutty – Longewan- Post no 397 & 457 Cows in and out.

Longewan – Longewan-Post 544 & 449 Cows in and out . 

Logurate line -post no 196 & 233 Cows in and out.

And alot of cows reported at kitienya plains.

ThisIsLaikipia – 22

Welcome to #ThisIsLaikipia. Watch this space for truthful and relevant information about Laikipia.This page on Facebook and Instagram puts out accurate stories of what happens in Laikipia, before the Land invasion – the people, the livestock, the crops.
I have added photos of the pages in here for those of you not on Facebook so that you too can be part of ThisIsLaikipia

Day 220 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 343 – Thursday 17th August 

Another long day for our patrol teams keeping up the pressure and reporting to make sure all is good both on the boundary and internally. Another day with no breaks in the boundary stonewall but some access from across the river overnight on the Matigari to Lombara section. Some illegal livestock is moving north so we’re hopeful that the situation will improve further in the coming days.

Farm jobs ongoing – new sections of stonewall begun,where there was a 12 strand electric fence which has been destroyed and most of the wire stolen….a wall will be put in place and later when we can will replace the wire with 3 or 4 strands over the stone wall.

Exciting news- John Meja, the member of our security team who was shot and injured in an ambush in May came back to work today – still not 100% recovered but was missing the company of his teammates and is on light duty as his leg gets stronger. Everyone really please to have him back on the farm and good to see the camaraderie in the team.

More good news – some more of our cattle came home today which was amazing, huge huge thanks to the ranch, ranchers and their staff for looking after them for us. 

Elephants are still here in big numbers – mostly staying out of the way thankfully and luckily we had already collected up the wire from the fence line either side of the road when they crossed the road in front of me so could just enjoy watching them and not have to worry about more damage. 

Mugie Ranch – 17th August

Just received from Mugie –

This is an indication of the movements through the Mugie fence.A large majority of the cows are Samburu with a few Pokot.

Security Morning Report -17.08.2017

Lowakipi – Kitienya -Post no 37, 90, 120, 138, 143, 170, 223 & no 259 all those post herds of cows in and out.

Naibor line –post no 576 & no 536 lifted by 🐘 and corridor 4 🐘 out.

Cutty Lonyek line -193 & 198 cows in and out.

Arasoro Lonyek line -post no 202 cows in and out.

Arasoro – Hilton –Post no 452, 471 & 493 lifted by elephant.

Longurate line -post no 240 Cows/Goats in/out no 159 Cows in and out.

Cutty – Longewan -Post no 287, 353, 413 & no 417 Cows in and out.

Longewan – Longewan -Post no 544 & no 533 Cows in and out.

 Letikon line – post no 518 elephant broke post.

Kitienya line – post no 67 and no 84 Cows in and out

This gives one an indication of what we are battling against on a daily basis, the boundary is checked twice a day by foot and motor bike so we have a good idea of the movements on a daily basis.
Other than cattle issues things are looking beautiful.

Sosian Ranch – 17th August

Just received from Sosian –

We are fairly quiet on Sosian but there is increasing pressure on our southern boundaries as pastoralists move away from the security operation to our south. The sooner all private properties enforce their property rights the quicker we can get back to normal business.

Two herds of illegal grazers caught and we await the owners; many other herds on the move mainly heading north, some to Maralal, others pretending they don’t know where they are going.

After all the rain the ranch is bouncing back and looking amazing and in the wake of the elections the positivity is still there and each day feels better than the last.