Ole Naishu Ranch – 31st August

Just received from Ole Naishu –

We finally received some decent rain last night for the first time in weeks and hope that the overgrazed and decimated pastures will recover. There are still several hundred sheep and goats illegally grazing inside the ranch by day and approximately 1,500 head of cattle that are being grazed at night. These include large herds from Leparua, Isiolo County. Herders grazing at night encountered a herd of Elephant in the Dam Repeater area and shot a pregnant cow, an AK rifle was used to shoot her. Rounds recovered at the scene included two misfired rounds with light primer strikes. The ivory was recovered and handed over to KWS whilst the tracks led out of the ranch and into the Chumvi area.

ThisIsLaikipia – 27

Welcome to #ThisIsLaikipia. Watch this space for truthful and relevant information about Laikipia.This page on Facebook and Instagram puts out accurate stories of what happens in Laikipia, before the Land invasion – the people, the livestock, the crops.

I have added photos of the pages in here for those of you not on Facebook so that you too can be part of ThisIsLaikipia

Day 232 / 233 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 355 / 356 – Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th August 

Two more days gone by with no illegal cattle breaking in, 4 breaks yesterday and 6 today in boundary stonewall but all caused by elephants!!

Patrols continue constantly as still pressure all around on Lombara, GG and Matigari but within increasing numbers moving into small holder owned land on Kieni. This community had managed to keep out cattle owned by people who don’t own land on Kieni but that seems to have changed in the last couple of days. 

Mugie Ranch – 30th August

Just received from Mugie –
Massive build up of Samburu cattle on our northern boundary near Logorate. +\-5000 head, large numbers coming through the fence. They started digging up a few posts today. All the personal belongings of our herders got stolen out their houses near that area today.

We caught 57 head earlier this afternoon and just caught another 100+ if we can get them to HQ with out being attacked on route.

A group of hard core Samburu on P&D also giving us a hard time.

We are still looking for 10 steers running around the NFD, apparently one of the chiefs is involved so taking time to get the info!