Reports from the grapevine – Noor Ali Farah- 4th August

This is copied with permission from the Facebook page of  Noor Ali Farah. 

He is a journalist based in Isiolo and covers the vast north Kenya region…specialized on humanitarian crisis/development and investigative work, also a wildlife and environmental conservation activist .


Reports from grapevine corridor quite often raises genuine alerts of a looming disaster most likely well orchestrated and set to be executed at the appropriate time.   As the clock ticks towards the final days ahead of the August general elections in kenya, reports about a gang of poachers waiting to pounce and strike has emerged from different locations up north and coastal areas. 

  Well the festive season ahead, according to grapevine indicates poaching cartels target to exploit the heavy deployment of rangers to provide security at polling stations next week has provided a loophole that will make their mission easier.

  Well inspector General of police and internal security minister have confirmed KWS rangers are among thousands of security personnel currently assigned,mandated and deployed to boost the country security.

  KWS has however not explained how many rangers have been engaged in this exercise nor issued assurance that all will be ok in all the wildlife protected areas or outside .

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