One thought on “The ugly truth about conservation in Kenya -Abdullahi Boru Halakhe / Al Jazeera – 3rd August

  1. This author seems very biased in favour of the pastoralists, or at least against so called white conservationists. He fails to take account of all the local black farmers and community conservancy owners who have had their stock stolen, grass eaten, crops destroyed and lives ruined by their ‘brother’ Kenyan pastoralists. These same ‘unsung custodians of wildlife’ have wantonly killed huge amounts of game in the area for little or no reason except they are running riot and believe they can scare the farmers away. I doubt they ever in the past cared much for wildlife. The only difference was that years ago there were many less people and so their impact was much smaller. Now they have done such a great job of looking after the land that much of northern Kenya is little more than desert.
    This area was never traditionally owned by either Pokot or Samburu. If anyone could have a grievance it is the Maasai.


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