Mugie Ranch – 5th August

Just received from Mugie –

Same Samburu pressure on our north east boundary with Lengees, a rowdy crowd of Morans who are living on the Lengees property and feeding through the night on Mugie. Any time our security team approach them they start stoning them then follow up by trying to spear them, they move around in large mobs of 20-30 strong. These are all people from just north and north east of Suguta Marmar.

The north west has been building up due to large numbers of people being driven out of LNC. The south west goes up and down, depending on the LNC drive, from my understanding a lot of these cattle belong to Kamama; a banker whose name I don’t remember off hand and various other chiefs from Baringo county.

We also have a build up of Samburu on the south east corner who seam to like cutting the fence at the moment.

Some grass growing up through a carcass of one of the many buffalo that died from disease, beautiful light and amazing sunset.

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