Ngorare Ranch – 7th August

Just received from Ngorare –

After 2 weeks of reasonable rain the ranch is looking green. And the stock are just beginning to recover..

Aside from the unsuccessful sheep theft – thanks to all those who assisted in the successful recovery of the 61 sheep, it has been relatively quiet.
With the rain, the large stock have returned. On most of the ranch boundaries we are seeing increases in cattle numbers – up by a factor of ten in a couple of days.
Over the week, border patrols and meetings resulted in the movement of 40% of the cattle that belong to “non-resident” people. But, really it is just shuffling the deck. The same cattle then turn up on another boundary a few days later. Herders are sullen but non violent. The community are aware that the regrowth is insufficient and rain between now and November is unreliable meaning that there is potential for the forage shortage to increase. 

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