Day 211 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 334 – Tuesday 8th August 

An early start for my husband and I, we headed into Rumuruti with some of our staff. 

On the way to Rumuruti at first light the staff with us spotted a small herd of cattle inside the farm, had come in through the gate the AP’s use to get to their base. Our security patrol teams and NPR’s were alerted while we carried on into town.

We first dropped the guys at their voting station and then joined the already long queues at the Rumuruti Primary School at about 6.45 am. A cold morning with a few minutes of drizzle but that soon disappeared and just stayed chilly which made queuing easier than if we had all been in the baking sun. We had both finished voting just after 11.30, collected our staff who had all voted without any hassles and came home for chai and breka.

The herd of cattle from early morning were rounded up and moved to and impounded in the yards. The Samburu owners appeared later and paid a fine and had their cattle released this evening.

Patrols elsewhere on the farm came back with reports of no breaks in the boundary stonewall but still big numbers of livestock mostly cattle grazing on Lombara.

Several armed stockthefts took place around the area, 66 head cattle from near Campi ya Simba all eventually recovered, small stock stolen in Salama, Kihiti and Matigari from small holder farmers and still being followed up.

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