Day 213 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 336 -Thursday 10th August 

Patrols went out early to check if cattle had come in after the incident last night….luckily not. 

Not long after the roadbuilding crew spotted a group of 7 men coming into the farm, 2 armed with AK’s, they were watched for some time and then chased out by the NPR that were called to the area. It’s assumed from their behavior and dress that they were poachers after bushmeat or elephants. 

Later on 3 different men were seen, the security teams responded quickly and it was  guys taking a short cut to market day in Rumuruti. They were shocked at being found and realised the seriousness of being discovered and gave themselves up very quickly and explained the situation – and were then released. 

The Foot Patrol crew came across and fixed 11 breaks in the boundary stonewall – all caused by elephant !!   Some leaving and others arriving ! At least we’ve had a few days with no rebuilding …something to be thankful for.

Also headed into Nyahururu to the Law Courts as a witness in a case recovering some of our stolen cattle from early December 2016

All in all another busy day ! 

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