Day 216 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 339 – Sunday 13th August 

Early morning patrols found that 3 small herds of cattle -a total of about 60 head, had been night grazing by crossing the river on the Matigari /Lombara section….again coming in very early morning and leaving by dawn.

Only one break in the boundary stonewall by elephant near Matigari -quite a big section damaged but repairs will be finished tomorrow.

Normal farm rebuild jobs not happening as a Sunday and all the team having a well earned rest.

Slowly working through more of the monthly paperwork mountain – Sunday’s a good day to try and catch up ……

Then at about 5.30 a call came in by our security that they had seen two guys on the Karai section, one armed with an AK. Luckily the NPR team saw them before walking into what was obviously a planned ambush. Shots were fired but the team all back safe. 

We look forward to the “total tranquility” that we were assured would return to Laikipia a few weeks ago by the County Commissioner and things have generally improved across Laikipia but it’s still way to early to relax for us and not sure we really know how to  anymore….but we do try and stop and appreciate the changes in the farm as the land slowly recovers. 

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