Laikipia Nature Conservancy – 24th Sept

Just received from LNC-

Increase in violence in LNC area. One of our Pokot acrobats was beaten up within an inch of his life by fellow Pokot, tied up and left for dead. Luckily his fitness paid off and he managed to force the rope used to tie his legs and get to one of our bases before passing out due to heavy bleeding. He is now stable and recovering. That night the same Pokot gang attacked our most remote gate post, also manned by other Pokot. Fired shots and burned everything including all their personal possessions. Another 2 incidents of Pokot firing shots at police and civilians in the last few days. This comes in the wake of some ‘peace meetings’- as usual, one faction of the ‘community’ seem intent on disrupting any efforts by their fellow men to create peaceful and sustainable long term solutions. This intimidation of law abiding , fellow Pokot who just want peace is needs to be addressed.Another report of 2 other Pokot murdered by fellow Pokot, accused of working with Police.

It is significant that this is occurring as leaders met in Tangulbei today to ask govt for a ‘ceasefire’.It seems some factions will not respect the ceasefire.

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