Day 365 plus +/- 3 weeks – Sunday 1st October

Thankfully another week gone by with no illegal grazing here although still pressure from the Lombara boundary which has big numbers of illegal cattle and more in the Morogo valley, heading north towards Thome, Mathira and Ngorare.

Elephants are still breaking the boundary stonewall in and out numerous times each day causing havoc both inside the farm and to the smallholders outside. More Eucalyptus destroyed !!

Patrols by foot and vehicle continue constantly as well as monitoring specific areas ! 

An ongoing issue is firewood being cut illegally but the offenders will be caught before too long ! 

Unbelievable amount of ticks around and another storm of East Coast Fever and also Anaplasmosis and quite virulent strains – a young steer reported over the radio as sick and before we could get there had died ! We are now alternating the acaricide we normally use with a stronger different composition to try stop the outbreak. 

Stonewall building ongoing, new bomas coming along well and using up a lot of rock as pretty wide and tall – amazing how much rock we have used over the years building walls and still have rock almost everywhere !! 

This evening one of our Boran cows was attacked by lion, at about 5 pm – wasn’t able to get to yards immediately and arrived a bit later, so in low light hard to ascertain her injuries but luckily doesn’t appear to be too serious, some scratches on her hindquarters and some bites and scratches on her head and neck – all given a good scrub with hot water and iodine and given an antibiotic injection as well as a pain killer and hopefully tomorrow will not reveal any more serious puncture wounds that we might have missed – something to be said for having feisty cattle to escape the lion – not so easy to help in the crush when stressed and sore ! 

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