Day 365 +/- 25 weeks  – Saturday 3rd March

With only two incidences of illegal grazing on Kifuku since mid December things were settling down across Laikipia West but as the whole region started drying out incidences of illegal grazing, stock theft and malicious fires have been on the increase.

Today at 1pm our security together with community NPR came across a flock of about 100 sheep inside Kifuku having come across the Pesi River. As the team were rounding up the sheep they came under attack from close quarters by 4 men – one carrying a firearm and others rocks and pangas. 

Two of our team were injured, thankfully not seriously but both stitched up in Rumuruti with injuries from a thrown rock and a panga. 15 sheep were impounded and taken to Rumuruti Police Station. A team of Police officers visited the scene and on approaching the area saw three armed men inside Kifuku and fired at them but they disappeared over the wall into Lombara.